It’s looking like we have a great survey team for Sunday – lots of new faces and some old ones to lead the way! Thank you for volunteering for this long-term ecological project in collaboration with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.
We meet at 8.00am at Blaxland Riverside Park in the top car park (D5 on the SOPA map). This is easy to find – turn into Jamieson Street from Holker Street and take the first entrance on the left after the prison. Drive to the end of the car parking area.
Our SOPA guide is Tina Hsu.  On arrival there’s a brief induction and some forms to be filled in. Please follow all instructions and be mindful that we will be out in the field for several hours, walking ‘off path’ at times, so prepare yourselves appropriately – insect repellent, sun protection, sturdy footwear, water bottle etc. The main survey method is active searching i.e. looking for reptiles in the open and under rocks, logs etc, so use a back pack for your gear leaving your arms free. Expect to get dirty!  Everything we find (reptile and frog wise) is recorded so accurate identification is important, and does require some specimens to be captured. The AHS holds a scientific licence to allow for live capture, and I am covered by this, and we can supervise others in handling specimens if we feel they are competent. Please minimise habitat disturbance and ensure all logs, rocks etc are returned to their original position. If in doubt about anything please ask for help. There will be plenty of time for photos!
A light lunch is provided at the conclusion of the survey.
We should be able to wrap up between 2pm and 3pm. Please bring your own drinks.
Because of the current weather forecasts, it is not impossible that we have to postpone the survey to a later date. If that is the case, I will contact you on Saturday with an update.